USTV Today on OUYA


Cut the cord and save some money! Tired of spending $80, $90, or even $100 for hundreds of channels that you will never watch? Many people are cutting the cord and finding other service providers for their entertainment needs, I myself have not had conventional “cable” for more than 7 years. It is a very refreshing feeling to know I’m not paying for things I do not need, but it makes my wallet happy as well.

What is USTV Today?

USTV Today is a service that offers you access to Live TV streams in a range of qualities and prices, including a free plan. Each plan has its perks as outlined below.

Free Plan

All Channels Plan

All Channels + DVR Plan

Is there an Android app?

There currently is not a specific app for android, but you can use the XBMC addon OR the web browser to access the feeds; I recommend the former over the later.

What are the results?

USTV Now Demo Overall I think this is a great option to getting regular TV on your OUYA, while saving money. Below you can find a screenshot of a stream in action.

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