On Screen Alerts is Coming to the OUYA Store


Psst…Listen up!

After quite a while of sitting on the back burner I have finally made some time to get On Screen Alerts on the OUYA Store. I originally did not plan to release it on the OUYA store, due to the nature of the developer agreement and the learning curve to use it, however I have had a number of requests to do it so here we go! Over the next week or so I will be adding the OUYA bits required to get On Screen Alerts on the store and ready for general consumption. I do plan to add more features to it in the future but as it is now the only improvements to be made will be one or two GUI changes, but overall the app will remain the same for the store release.

On a more artistic note, to go along with this change, I decided to revamp the Banner and Icon to be a bit more original and pretty, please let me know what you think in the comments. Check out the original App page to see more about On Screen Alerts, the alerts layout will have a face lift too, so check back often to see them.

On Screen Alerts Icon On Screen Alerts Banner

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