ReRoot Your OUYA


Before I updated my OUYA to the latest firmware “Chickcharney” I decided to come up with a way to backup some regularly used application locations. Mainly so I don’t have to setup the locations and files again and thus ReRoot was born. The application will install a number of apks and will also back up a few directories, listed below.

Directories Backed up

How To Use

This application is used over ADB and requires two steps. To connect via ADB I recommend using the wireless ADB option under the Manage -> Development area on the OUYA.

Copy files to the OUYA:

You first need to get the extracted folder onto the OUYA, either put it on a thumbdrive or copy it over via ADB.

Copy ReRoot to your OUYAShell

adb connect OUYAIPHERE
adb push reroot /sdcard/reroot/
adb shell

Prepare for a Firmware Update

Backup the data before you install an update, this is a must if you want to keep your settings.

sh backup

Restore your settings and apks

After you update your OUYA you can restore your settings and missing apps.

Restore After UpdateShell

sh restore

This is my first go at Root

If this is your first go at rooting then just use this command to install all the regular root applications

sh install

What Can This Do?


This is not a silver bullet, though it is damn close. You will still need to enter the installed applications to turn them on or reactivate some settings in some cases. But at least you will be able to cut down on much of the manual labour.


You asked I have done it, now you can pick and choose what features you want to install and there are even more things you can do with the script!

Download ReRoot

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