OUYA Drag and Drop APK Installs

Side-loading the way it should be!


Many people have wanted to make the process of side-loading much simpler, I’m talking drag and drop APK installs simple, well want no more. Until something better comes along, which there is, I made a batch file that will let you drag and drop APK files onto it and install them onto your OUYA.

What is needed

Install on OUYA.bat

ECHO Installing "%~1"
adb connect OUYAIPHERE
adb install -r "%~1"

*Don’t forget to replace OUYAIPHERE with the IP Address of your OUYA.

Download Install on OUYA.bat


Once you have these steps done you will have an icon on your desktop called “Install on OUYA.bat” , which you can drag and drop APKs onto and have them install on your OUYA.

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