Dropbox Apps to the OUYA (EasyLoading)


The OUYA is a great little console for me, the OUYA store (Discover) is bustling with titles and they have great price points that are easy on the wallet! However, what if you want to load an application that is not part of the OUYA store? The “out of the box” method would be to plug the OUYA to your computer ,via a USB cable, and copy the desired application (apk file) to the OUYA, then use an file manager application FilePwn (Free via OUYA store) to install the application.

Enter Dropbox

This application, once loaded on the OUYA, will let you download and install apps that you put into your dropbox account from another device, allowing you to skip the USB connection. To get the application point the OUYA’s web-browser, found under the “Make” section of your system menu, to http://goo.gl/8P1u and download it.

Dropbox in the Make screen Once installed the Dropbox application will show under then “Make” section of your system menu, just like the browser, and will allow you to Dropbox apps to the OUYA!

Dropbox Application Now that you have dropbox on your OUYA, you can browse the files on your dropbox account and download what ever you like to the OUYA’s internal storage. Once you have found the file you want to use, just select it and click the arrow on the right side of the screen to bring up a menu of file options. To download load the file, use the export option in the file menu as seen on the right.

Dropbox Download Prompt Once you click export you will be greeted with a menu asking you where to export the file to, I usually save them in the root of the sdcard or in a subfolder that has the same name as the app I’m downloading.

Browsing the OUYA with FilePwn Finally, once the file has downloaded, you then need to fire up the FilePwn application, free on the OUYA store, and simply browse to the file you downloaded and click it to install.

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