Backup Your OUYA Game Saves


Wish you could backup your game saves or application data? If you can answer yes to the prior question then keep reading. OBackUpYA is my first attempt at backing up game/app save data so you can perform that much needed reset or migrate to a newer device without loosing your data.


You do need to be rooted as this does require busybox, sorry guys. You will need a USB HDD or Storage device plugged in and with enough available space to hold the files.

You can check the required space by doing the following:

adb shell
du -sh /data/data/

Copy the script to the OUYA

adb push obackupya /sdcard/

To Backup All Games/Apps

adb shell
sh OBackUpYA backup all

To Restore All Games/Apps

adb shell
sh OBackUpYA restore all

To Backup A Specific Games/Apps

adb shell
sh obackupya backup packagename

To Restore A Specific Games/Apps

adb shell
sh obackupya restore packagename

Download obackupya


I do not know, or think, this will catch the saved games of EVERY game, but my hope is that it is a good starting point and extra directories/locations can be added as reported. I have tested it with Reaper and Meltdown, both seem to work. Do keep in mind I can only test with games I have access to so premium games will be up to other testers, who own the games in question, to find out if this script works or not with it. I do not intend to buy games just to test them, sorry.


It looks like you will need to be ROOTED, this means a version being released to the OUYA store is out the window, but there could be a side-loaded application in the future.

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