Learn Android Programming with Coursera


It is not a secret that I enjoy my OUYA, but I have been wanting to get a little deeper into programming on the device (mainly to expand On Screen Alerts to be a bit more self-sufficient). So, you can imagine the joy I felt seeing that Coursera is offering an Android class! Android programming with Coursera appears to be a “From the ground up” class, which starts off by getting your development environment going and an emulator working.

Introduction to the Android Platform If you’re not familiar with Coursera, it is a Massively Open Online Course provider, just like Edx (previous post on Edx), a place where you can sign up for a wide range of courses and participate in them for free. These education hubs have been gaining a fair bit of popularity, I myself have taken a few classes through them and highly recommend both providers.

Coursera claims this course can be completed by working on the material 3 to 6 hours a week, for a total of 8 weeks. I for one am jumping on this and hope to see you there.

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