Resetting a Cisco DPC2100R2 via Script


A recent internet outage, which has left my ISP and I baffled, resulted in me needing a way to reset my modem every day. My local ISP hands out Cisco DPC2100R2 devices to customers and through a fair bit of searching I was able to find a way to reset it via a script. Just for further edification, I tied this to a task manager script that detected DNS outages and then executes the script.

This script uses the curl executable to post the needed data to the modem and request it to reboot. I am unsure if elevating the access level to “level 2” is needed, but I have included it just for completeness.

The Script

set CURL_DIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\curl-7.30.0-rtmp-ssh2-ssl-sspi-zlib-idn-static-bin-w32
set MODEM_FREQ_START=591000000

cd "%CURL_DIR%"

curl --data "SAUsername=%MODEM_ADMIN_USER%&SAPassword=%MODEM_ADMIN_PASS%&SAAccessLevel=2" http://%MODEM_ADDRESS%/goform/_aslvl

timeout 2
curl --data "SADownStartingFrequency=%MODEM_FREQ_START%" http://%MODEM_ADDRESS%/goform/gscan

Setup the Task Scheduler

If you do not know how to setup a task to reboot the modem then please see the images below, it shows you how to the task looks and how it should be setup.

Task Scheduler Interface Task Scheduler Interface with Task Created Task Scheduler Interface DNS Trigger

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