Mount a VHD Image as a Drive

You backed it up, now get back at it


If you have been a good little user and decided to create an image of your computer, you might need to access just an individual file sometimes. Unfortunately, there is no readily apparent way to access these files, short of restoring the entire computer. I had this exact issue the other day while updating one of my system images.

Tell Me How!

Manage Computer

Manage Computer Assuming you are on windows 7, thought 8 should be about the same, you can click start, right-click on Computer and then click Manage.

Disk Management

Attach VHDThis will take you to the Computer Management console, once there you will see Disk Management on the left-side. Click on Disk Management and then, from the top toolbar, click Action then Attach VHD. This will prompt you to select the VHD file and then mount it as a drive, making it available under Computer, just like any other disk/drive.

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