Is Microsoft Dropping Microsoft Security Essentials?


A number of people have been talking about a post, apparently made by PC Pro, where they miss-quote a Microsoft employee and spin it to make it appear Microsoft is giving up on its Security Essentials/Defender Suite. Thankfully this is just not true, and has been addressed by a number of Microsoft affiliates including their own forums. One of their VIPs had this to say about the PC Pro article:

PC Pro managed to make a story with misquotes and quotes out of context.

Read Corrine’s article here:

Microsoft – Malware Protection Center:

If you really want to supplement MSE or Windows Defender (Win 8) use something like WinPatrol, RegRun, or others which look for actions of malware instead running the same type of actions as an antivirus.

Rob – SpiritX

I for one, love the MSE suite and use it on all of my computers and recommend it all the time. It is the perfect mix of protection and convenience.

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