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On Screen Alerts allows you to receive network based messages on your OUYA, even while gaming! This means no more missed CallerID messages or alerts and that is just the start. Since the service runs over UDP and comes with a simple message format, any device that can send a UDP packet can talk to your OUYA/TV. Do you have a “few” OUYAs in your house on the same network, if so On Screen Alerts also works with broadcast messages; meaning you can send one message from a device and it go to ALL your OUYAs at the same time.

Message Format

The magic of this application is in the simplicity of its message format! To send a message to this service all you need is two pieces of data, an icon and a message.


The layout above is how all messages sent to your OUYA need to appear, let’s break each part down and explain it a little


This is the header part of the message, it is used to ensure that only messages MEANT for the service are processed by the service. In other words, the first five characters of every message will always be this.


This is the icon you wish On Screen Alerts to use in the message, you can choose from any of the following:

Chat EBook Email Movie Music PC Icon TV

The icon name corresponds to the first word in each of the icons above, (pc, music, movie, etc.).


This part of the message is where you say what you want your message to say and yes the ‘\n’ character is acceptable and a great way to have a title for your message as well as a message! :D


Signing up for a PushBullet.com account and then inputting your “Access Token”, provided by PushBullet of course, extends this application beyond just UDP and allows you to receive notifications from all kinds of services and devices, both local and internet based. One of my favourites is IFTTT.com, with this you can rope a huge number of services into PushBullet and in turn send these alerts to your OUYA. You will find a list of IFTTT “recipes” that are built with On Screen Alerts in mind on my IFTTT page.


It is important to remember that this application is only a receiver of UDP messages, you also need to have an application/appliance to send messages to your OUYA. To this that end, here are a couple of example setups I employ to keep my OUYA connected.

Push to my OUYA

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